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Changes in the traditional areas of industry chain is impacted

"Internet +" this concept has become a hot spot. It "penetrate" all walks of life, including of course the car. You know, the part of the original automobile industry, involving research and development, spare parts, vehicle sales, after-market, car, recirculation, and so the whole industry chain dismantling scrapped because of the "Internet +" concept and there is a major change.
    Promote the automobile industry chain transformation
With the technical concepts of the Internet and large data and other widely used, car prices change is quietly beginning, many car companies increasingly use these technologies and concepts to understand customer needs, the deployment of production models, strengthen production logistics management to more efficient production, save costs and increase their competitiveness.
At the same time, Internet companies such as Apple, Google, Tencent, happy as the other took the opportunity to have been involved in automobile manufacturing, to create a Smart car. Some of these Internet companies to use their advanced technology to direct manufacturing of smart cars, as has appeared in Google driverless cars, while others focus on automotive intelligence software development, and more cooperation with car companies, to play their respective advantages, such as SAIC and Ali together to create Internet car, music, as cooperation with Beiqi manufacture super car.
In addition, the help of the Internet, car prices are better able to grasp the situation of the production of the vehicle, particularly the state of the key components to be able to find some common problems and advance potential failure, to avoid large-scale recall, guarantee the safety of vehicles. It can also monitor the whole of the components to ensure the quality of supervision and vehicle circulation when used, can also protect the interests of auto parts manufacturers. Similarly, those who opaque automobile market has thus become clear.
Impact on traditional marketing
In addition to the industrial chain, the automotive marketing is also deeply influenced by the Internet.
Traditional car sales model is "car prices - big distributor in --4S shop." And now marketing model is O2O. As early as 2010, Mercedes - Benz on Taobao buy together cost conducted an attempt to open the car prices online marketing precedent. Today, the mainstream car prices basically have set up shop in the Lynx, which has opened a new model car electricity supplier.
But the industry said that the Chamber of Commerce of the 4S shop electrical shock, but in a short time will not lead to qualitative changes in the Internet sales model in the mode, we also need to reflect deeply on the parties to the exchange.
With the change under addition, automotive marketing are the "Internet +" impact. For example, the proportion of investment on advertising increasingly focus on new media, various social applications, such as microblogging, micro-channel circle of friends, car prices public number.
2014, Changan Peugeot Citroen DS micro-channel public on the last line of new features, "set cars treasure" that raise the car to pay the deposit to the previous day, and so get the cash proceeds. After "set the car treasure" warm, DS 5LS car listing site launched to raise public funds. Subsequently, the official also announced the "partner program", will participate in DS online community management, organizational DS community activities and interactions, and help in between sections of the DS models hesitant friend selected models.
January 25, 2015, micro-channel circle of friends ever pushed the first ad, from BMW. According to the analysis of data BMW China online marketing EMKT project team, on-line advertising after 3 hours 15 minutes, at least be able to get 30 million brand exposure, while long-tail effect is actually produced far more than this, it may be more than the total exposure 100 million times.
Shift to intelligent car itself
Internet is also a profound impact on automotive products itself, this change is undoubtedly the Internet in recent years, as China’s mobile communication technology blowout outbreak began things. Smart car as a big concept is very broad, from a development point of view can be divided into two stages, the first stage is the initial stage of intelligent vehicles, that auxiliary driving phase; the second stage is the advanced stage, namely, unmanned applications. And now is a special transition period, in the context of Internet technology, intelligent vehicle is in the driver assistance and unmanned integration phase.
Automotive engineers have been studying how from the 1970s to help the driver more easily control the car. Today many techniques have been very mature and focused mounted on an automobile, such as lane departure warning systems, blind-spot monitoring system, active cruise control, driver assistance easier to drive a car, to reduce or avoid accidents.
In computers, the Internet, GPS, mobile communications technology and rapid development of the current car to achieve human-computer interaction systems, people and vehicles can dialogue, the driver of the vehicle through the system to understand the current state of information, traffic information, cruise control settings, etc. . Contact Customer Service Center via a button, full voice to help occupants solve problems and achieve the destination push, emergency assistance, stolen vehicle location and so on. At the same time, there are many car companies have entered the ranks of the research unmanned.
This "Internet +" The winds will last a long time, we do not know, but in the era of mobile Internet, car manufacturers will certainly face a variety of changes, such as the birth of a century-old automotive technology revolution experienced as adaptation and a good concept of the Internet technology into the enterprises to be with them. However, if stubborn, it may eventually be forgotten by history. No matter how the Internet has been like in the automotive industry, such as the butterfly effect loosed.
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